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This Little Light

I was laying on my couch watching Veggie Tales “Lord Of The Beans” as darkness enveloped me. Jr. Asparagus was in deep thought in his role with suspenseful music playing when I noticed a light shining in my glasses.  It was the reflection of my eyes. The light was bouncing off of my eyes. There was still light outside the window coming in, and perhaps from my phone…I find it fascinating. All this darkness is all around me and here is a reminder…to me…that the Light still shines ❤


The Battle

I am sitting here petting my cat Zoee and I notice the light is pale against the darkness. I am confident that as the day goes on the shadows will scurry. Ah, even if storms prove me wrong, I know the Sun is the center of my universe and will be here for when the storms pass. I am thankful the sun is even shining through the raging clouds to provide nutrients, it’s heat pulls water to the clouds and it is stronger than the darkness. And Zoee loves basking in it’s rays ❤

From Where The Night Ends

What form of light
would you use
to illuminate a room ?
Why turn on a lamp?
When will you
ignite the flame?
How will you
keep the candle glowing ?
Who will you
pass the torch to?