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To Give A Mouse A Cookie

I have kiddos I care for that are very selective when it comes to food. I beg you for fun meals to tempt these kids to want more and more 💕 thank you 💕

Simple arithmetic

Simple Arithmetic

Words are countless – never numbered;

Yet can multiply or divide.

They can tear down a mighty world;

Or create a sanctuary in which to hide.

With just a fraction of time and an ounce 

of love, Truth can begin to add

A glimmer of hope that will change all life

Something we need… Just a tad.

So step in your kitchen, your class room, 

your world and take a very deep breath!

Look around and find the treasures – pick 

them up to pass the Test!

Oh! But here’s some advice: handle with 

care… Balancing straight from the heart;

The blessings will surely grow before your 

eyes – adding is a fine place to start!