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Snake Eyes

Something I’m working on:

Bleeding Out

Bleeding Out
Anger roams within me, waiting just to pounce!

They took a part of me! I’ll bite off just an ounce!!
Let them feel the pain sear constantly in their head –

Just like I’ve been living, wishing I were dead!
Yes they need to bleed; to be wounded at the heart!

What? You want me to listen to You … before I even start?
Why are You handing me a Mirror, this isn’t about me!!

I know I’m covered in mistakes!!!! I just want to be free!!
Wait!! What are You doing?!? How am I Looking through Your eyes?

Where are all my mistakes, along with those filthy little lies?
You’ve forgiven me? With all the wrong I’ve done; I was about to kill!!

Forgiveness is Your choice – the Cross is on the Hill.
Wait! You’re removing the mirror!! I’m sure to strike this time!!

My enemy looks different; I see their pain. You say the choice is all mine. 
Whether I am a weapon, or I choose to forgive; it lasts an eternity.

The next move I make will be determined by what I see.

The Medicine Doctor

***Wipes away dust, coughing from excess amounts***


It has been far too long since I have written a post! Sure, I have posted a few awesome selections, yet….please forgive me for staying away. I have been sick and am still sick, but I have the most awesome doctors taking care of me, along with countless people praying for me, not to mention a TOTALLY COOL God healing me too. As I have in the past, my focus was on my storm, and not on the One who could calm my storm.


I have missed looking through your eyes, reading your posts and sharing my world with you. Saturday Stews have not been warming hearts as they should be or Flashback Fridays….those are always fun and too many have passed.


You all are such a beautiful treasure worth far beyond any material possession this earth has to offer and I look forward to getting to know each of you as much as I can 🙂