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Edited Version 

Edited Version:
“Does the truth of Christ’s return energize our ministry as it did in the early church and the early twentieth century Pentecostals?” from Eschatology: A Study of Things to Come.
When I read this question to a friend, my answer was wanted. I don’t believe the truth of Christ’s return energizes our ministry as it did in the early church and the early 20th century Pentecostals for the most part because we have become too comfortable in our material world. Other countries are experiencing such a dependency on God. My cell phone with its games and apps won’t save me, nor will the comfort of my bed….even a fridge Full of fruits and Veggies and chicken while I add constant exercise won’t save me. They only reveal I’m looking for something. What will keep me company, what will comfort me, what will heal me.
I want to share with everyone that we can have surpassing peace, exploding joy, incomparable strength and all we need to face our days 💞 
Yet I am nervous. I know there are such severe trials that have left people hurting with what seems beyond repair. I wanna say I understand, but in reality I truly don’t because I’ve only walked in my shoes. I KNOW what God HAS brought me through….. And there were times that I thought God could do it differently and much better, but after a while I saw why He chose the directions He’s taken me. Those who know me see how I’ve grown. It is because I have trusted Christ, even when I didn’t want to. I have far to go as far as trusting Christ, but I love the change He’s given me. I want to see people healed, lives changed and wars ended 💕
If you want to walk this path with me, feel free to email me at 💞 I look forward to what is ahead, not looking back💞

I Forever Salute You!


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This is on a birdhouse:   

I Salute You!


If I Were God

Earlier on the day to Wandering Poets post of him asking what we would want if we could have anything, I answered “time Machine” because I would go back and fix mistakes, like Hitler’s. But I would start with Adam and Eve. That might fix everything….?
But this got me to thinking…. “How would I do things if I were God?” I hope the answer is not based off of how I can’t play video games for long because I die. Even board games like chess, I have to remember to watch the whole board, making sacrifices to win.
But life is real, with feelings and heartbeats….and love. I’m sure that the mistakes that have been made were somehow connected to love in some way…
I am torn between having everyone be nice robots VS having my feelings….. I’m thankful that God is God and I am not 💕
What would you do if you were God?