This morning, as I was eating my breakfast, I was sharing small tidbits with our black lab/ collie and our golden retriever. One requirement I ask of them before I reward them with a treat is that they have to complete the actions they’ve been taught for “Halleluiah”, “praise the Lord”, or “please.”  Our black lab, before sitting on her back haunches and raising her paws, listened to me bellow out a howling (sounded that way to me) type of “halleluiah”. Her rich brown eyes stared into mine as she tilted her head. Before finishing the third round of the word I stopped because I noticed a dear friend was now in the room.

“Are you impersonating an elephant?” he questioned, as I hid my face and chuckled in embarrassment.  Obviously he was responding to my great love of elephants. 

Here’s the lesson I learned that moment: From miles away an elephant’s trumpet can be heard. Quickly I found myself wondering if my Voice is being heard and realizing there is yet another reason why I love elephants.