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Flashback Friday 10

My skin was so warm as beads of sweat ran down the sides of my face and the back of my neck. All I could think about was the window box air conditioner that seemed to purr in the cool room while my mom and us kids dug in the dirt. We were to follow a pattern so the seeds weren’t too close or they would grow and choke each other out. But how could she stand here so long? We’ve been out here for what seemed like hours? Wasn’t she thinking about the cool air, too? My mother taught us with such grace.

Grandma was the same way, except we were to gather beans, peas and other vegetables grown in their garden. I remember not being able to wait to get to the picnic table under the large tree in front of their white house to sit and snap beans and peas. They were so delicious!!!

Oh how if only I could flash back and spend more moments gleaning from what Mom and Grandma were trying to teach me, then maybe my garden wouldn’t be suffering. But I am thankful that the sun is shining ❤ Even when the clouds try to hide it…the sun is still shining ❤

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Gardner’s Friend

Her hands are full of dolls and blocks;
Arms hold those that hold these treasures;
Never stopping twice for herself; just a friend –
to carry them out of savage weather.
Smiles have always carried her through the storms;
But sometimes her tears God does catch.
Gently He tips this pail over the sweetest smelling roses
gardening in His Friendship patch.

The Boot

A seed is planted

deep within rich soil

heavy boots are removed;

fingers want to dig up this tiny life –

oh how this must stop!

For if the life is to grow

through time,

one must

walk away…

watering the garden

from time to time –


to God’s voice.

Eventually their might be

a flower;

perhaps even some fruit.

All because of waiting,

removing the heavy boot.

Hope For The Apple

The earth crumbles beneath calloused feet

that gets tangled within The Vine.

Tiny wings holding such weight

longing for relief.

The heart beats;

The lungs pump,

dancing with the growing crowd of cells.

Oh how quickly the ground quakes

trying to bury such joy!

And the petite appendages struggle once again.

Where can Hope find Shelter?

It is among the branches

of The Vine where the fruit grows!

That is where the tremors cease

as the earth learns to trust

The Gardner once again.