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The Hair On The Back Of My Neck

The Hair On The Back Of My Neck
Whether the bear stands up and gnarls his teeth, 

slamming its paws left and right;

Or the eagle raises his pinions to fly-

Looking forward to the effortless flight;

Perhaps it’s the moment the grizzly enters the cave, 

to put away his claws for a season;

Maybe it’s the time the bird finds its nest-

Eaglets are the precious reason.

I’m eager to learn from God’s creatures , No matter how frightening or majestic they may be-

For God has called us to Love;

And this is why we are Free.


Screaming Eagle


Eye Am Just Getting Started


Chicken To Eagle

If words are wings
How do I fly?
The wind
whirls about me,
But I have
too much weight!
Happy thoughts
are only paintings
Stuck on a wall…
Only Action
will move
these feathers …
yet wisdom
will guide
even these talons
to a downy nest.