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Bird On The Box

My next project…. I drew this in November of 1999….would look great on a box 😉


Strong Tower

Tracing Your Map I cannot get lost;
smooth is The Skin upon which It is written.
Tell me again how to find You.
Pour out Your Passion and I shall trace it –
like music to a mate, Your Song sings to me,
passionately each day ❤
My King, You have fought for me ;
I can rest well knowing You will continue
to defend me Victoriously whatever comes this way.
My Liege, faithfully I await Your arrival ❤

Game of Promise

With a light
stretched from a lamp,
memories pull me
as you dream –
Traces of our hands
woven together;
The joy which bounces ’round
with tiny footsteps;
The Books we’ve read aloud;
A beauty that grows
from the soil
watered from the moments
of heartache;
Our puppets
with stories to tell;
Chasing puppies;
Thanksgiving meals;
Oh, that cat!;
Christmas dinners;
A portrait that’s taking shape;
Chess pieces never declaring
the victory we have.
The promise I wear
is held in my heart….
a fidelity that is secured
by The Light
that shines brighter
than the lamp
which now
outshines the bulb.