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Down For The Count!

Down For The Count!

Throbbing head from a fall

Because I couldn’t keep silent.

They were getting on my nerves…

Yeah, now I must repent!

But I’m in pain, I cannot move;

They hit me pretty hard!

Revenge is quite painful –

I shouldn’t have played that card!

What’s this? Ice called “grace”…

I’m to apply it to the pain?

Created to bring healing

All in Jesus’ Name.

Oh, how forgiven I am

Because God first loved me!

Grace to bring my swelling pride down

Just so I can see.

Perhaps I will share His grace

Then maybe my plank will go away

And I can see The Path to walk;

But before I make a move, first I will pray.



Your gentle eyes probe past my brain looking deep within my heart;

Listening for more than a beat…finding the pattern.

Charts reveal little.

My words are your map.

Documentation and scales show victory.

Truth in layers can cover the problem.

You will keep me on your watch.


Born For This (Esther)

Here is another I wanted to share with you ❤

Love you all!!

Born For This (Esther)

Mandisa – Music Inspired By The Story