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This Side Of “I Can’t”

Throbbing. Even after taking my shoes off a half hour ago.

It all began about a month ago, with a simple block of wood.  The idea really had been churning around in my head long before that, dancing with my love of elephants. A few years before, a doe resting with a fawn accompanied by a moose overlooking them was the last design the Lord gave me favor to complete.

I mapped out the body of the pachyderm, staying within my boundaries. I cut out the boxes of the paper map and glued it to the rectangular block of wood. Facing my fears, I stood before the scroll saw (after I was given a brief lesson, and practiced with a trial piece) and flipped the switch. “RWAWR!” Its teeth swished up and down. I felt my shoulders begin to stiffen, my breaths shorten, and I blinked more as I tried to focus on the line I needed to follow.  The block rumbled at times between my hands, but I only needed to press down firmly to guide it, making sure my fingers remained far from the path of the teeth.

From there, I had fun with a dremel tool, carving out where I would have the feet and the trunk and so forth. Two inch and a half inch closet rods made up the ears and the hip of the elephant.  This was an amazing idea…but I lost “sight” of the elephant.  I fell into a funk. During the work day at our church dear friends would pass me, making eye contact, pats on the shoulder, passing little bits of wisdom, which kept me going. My hubby even introduced me to wood puddy 🙂

Then came the day right before the race. I had so many plans of staining and wood burning….yet, it wasn’t going to happen. I just didn’t see the stain working the way I thought it would as I studied it.  So, I my friends showed me how to spray paint for the first time….. (I don’t remember when the last time I did) 😉   It looked OK…….however….I sat and studied how I wanted my car to look. Then lots of cutting and taping. And taping.  Even MORE taping.  Then spraying….shwish….shwish….a sweeping motion, is what it’s supposed to be.  However, I was leaving a bunch of puddles. 

After much waiting and greasing my wheels with dry powder, sanding the axles, the un-taping revealed……….sigh – it was, pretty.  Yet, it needed….help. So, with my sticky pink paint fingers, I sat and studied and thought. A quick trip to the craft closet helped me complete the look.

Isaiah 41:10  “Fear not, For I am with you.” Is the Bible verse I have to remember every moment of every day…not because I live in fear…but because too often I hide from the things that will bring me strength.

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What do you think of Rasp-berry?








Preparing Rasp-berry

In just two Sundays from now we will be racing our cars down a high track. I’ve chosen the name “Rasp-berry” because later today, after class, I will use a couple of rasps that you see in the picture. Up until now I’ve only used a scroll saw and a lot with my dremel tool. Yet I had come to a spot I felt I would butcher my “baby” elephant. The Royal Ranger leader showed me these treasures. I am confident within the next few days my car will begin to be even more detailed 🙂 However , I think Rasp- berry looks as scared as I am about this race!


Elephant In The Room

My mind wanders
in the dark
for what my eyes
cannot see.
Leathery wrinkles
lead me about
as I keep getting smacked
by what I am to hear.
Be still!
Let me hold it’s ear;
perhaps then
I will gain for what I search.
Thoughts get lost
in the underbelly;
huge form
is almost crushing
as this quandary
sits upon my chest.
Sleepless nights
dictate we are training
for a circus!
Can I not
find you,
my dear
Elephant In The Room?






What started as a block of wood and a bunch of faith, I began because I saw the image in there. Yet , he looked so underfed. When I added extra wood for his ears and tummy , I lost sight of him and panicked. A dear friend encouraged me to be obedient and to keep working. Sure enough, he started to appear 🙂 I’m looking for a name for him. Any suggestions? March 9, 2014 is the big race day 🙂

Earth Shaking

At the beginning of this blog writing adventure, I wrote about elephants….
I mentioned how they never forget, leave large footprints and are wrinkly. But what I am amazed at is how the ground shakes as they move across the earth . They are wiggly and jiggly and move with such graceful force that their surroundings rumble…. Though it’s difference may be so minute….. It’s change nonetheless. Oh to be an earth shaker like this gentle giant!! To move with such impact that life changes!

Poll – on a scale 1-5 …1 being not at all and 5 being TOTALLY!! How would you rate your love of reading about elephants ?

Please leave your answer in the comment box. Thank you!!!!

Treasure In The Sun

One thing I love about elephants is their color: grey….my most favorite color!! I believe this pigmentation serves as an accent. It brings out the twinkle in my sweetheart’s eyes, illuminating his face…exposing his heartily, which has lassoed the moon holding a treasure map to the sun.

Irreplaceable Imprints

They are everywhere I go… And reveal everywhere I’ve been: Fingerprints…. Made of wrinkles. Elephants are known for them. It’s like their signature. We are covered with them too… Becoming more pronounced as we age. Wrinkles can represent a stamp of approval …. A reminder that our Creator loves us.

Shoe size

Footprints In The Sand… More than a poem….speaks of impressions made in life: our own and those around. Elephants leave quite a mark wherever they go…. It’s one of the things I love about these mighty creatures. God knew what He was doing when He created the world. Jesus also left a distinct pattern to follow…. Not just where He went, but with what He did, stating “Come, follow me.” I wonder where my footprints will lead others?

Where Am I?

Elephants….they are huge!!  Their skin is wrinkly and tough.  A nose that serves also as a hand, straw and shower head. They leave enormous footprints (among other things). Among so many other qualities, I love the fact that they are known for their memories. Deuteronomy 31:6 says ‘Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”‘ It’s something that I must always remember that I can find my strength as I leave my footprint….never forgetting.