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Screaming Eagle



Eye Am Just Getting Started


Eagle Stars And Stripes


Eagle Update


Sneak Peek


Seeing Stars

I know i’ve already shown this picture, but I don’t want to show the picture yet of what I’m doing. However I’m having fun creating stars and stripes and adding words 😉  

Help Me Fly

Ok….. I would like to ask your help:
What do you think I should add to the box? Each outside panel could display something, as well as each one on the inside. What words do you think should accompany this treasure?

Chicken To Eagle

If words are wings
How do I fly?
The wind
whirls about me,
But I have
too much weight!
Happy thoughts
are only paintings
Stuck on a wall…
Only Action
will move
these feathers …
yet wisdom
will guide
even these talons
to a downy nest.