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Bags and Burns …S’up?

There are still so many videos that have been made, and even more waiting 😁 find the videos at our YouTube address:

I have an appointment and after that I’ll post new ones here 😎

A Generational Treasure

Learning To Love Horses Again

Finished… your thoughts?

WIP Horse

Thanks to Photographer Karen Broemmelsick for the Beautiful photo 💕


Off To The Races!!

I need some help: real soon the Royal Ranger Derby will take place. I have half of my car planned out…. Yet I’m stuck on one part. What image inspires you when you think of the word “love”?
You’ll see pics later 🙂
Thank you for your input 🙂

Bird On The Box

My next project…. I drew this in November of 1999….would look great on a box 😉

The Hunt




This is a picture of my brother I drew 2 1/2 years ago while enjoying the outdoors. My husband is the charming man next to him 🙂


Entrapped by masterpieces;
Unable to move
due to the chemical response
freezing me in place
with my mechanical pencil in hand.
Release me from this trance
that I may etch worlds
to escape to –
where The Oasis revives visitors
to face the relentless war.