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Free Fall

Free Fall
Giving a hand to help another up,

To help them find their call;

Round the clock you are giving, but

Who will be there when you fall?

Constantly being the eyes for us-

That we may stand on two feet;

All the time you’re going and doing-

Who will help you walk The Street?

Precious friend at times you might feel

Something’s missing to make you whole,

Because you don’t have the strength right now….

I want you to know:

Jesus has your back;

He’s ears when no one is around –

He will comfort your broken heart;

Pick you up when you’re upside down.

He will dry your eyes as you look through His;

Never leaving you behind-

God understands all your stresses….

He will help you to unwind.

So, just fall into His arms and just let go –

He will catch you and hold you tight!

Never alone are you in this world-

The Holy Spirit will help you fight!

More Than A Bandaid

The grotesque monsters ‘ shoe size might be crushing; my head could explode being thrust about wildly as I’m carried through life at warp speed; the flatulence from the devils delight forces rivers past my vision – though my pulse may weaken , while I’m brought to my aching knees once again….the Faith which courses through my veins shall forever invigorate Life anew!!