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29 Years And Counting

How can I thank God for one who has been with me through thick and thin, ups and downs, back and forths, insides and outs,and sooooo much, much, much, MUCH more….and still loves me more than when we first were married 29 years ago? His voice when he speaks, his laugh when something tickles him, his heart for people, his commitment to God…..the way he feels when he holds me….. are just a few treasures I am privileged to be blessed with each day 💞 Happy 29th Anniversary Sweetheart Sam O’Donnell 💞 I love you forever and always, all ways 💞



I Do

Sam O’Donnell, 28 years ago today my dad walked me down the isle, my mom (Ellen Beebee) watching with all our family and friends, as he brought me to the first day of the rest of our lives. 💕 we’ve been blessed with two fine sons (Sam O’Donnell and Benjamin O’Donnell) and many years of Grand Adventure!!!! There were times we didn’t know if we would make it, yet God was faithful to carry us through those terrifying valleys. 💕 Halleluigh!!! We now have a beautiful daughter-in-law (Kari O’Donnell)
and two sweet granddaughters, along with so many more awesome family members 💕!!! I love spending time with you in the art office or anywhere else the Lord leads because God makes sweet music when we are together…. I love the Holy Spirit’s style of classical music!!! And I would say “I do” all over again 💕 I love you!!! 💕