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Saturday Stew 7

 Last week I was so busy with the Ranger Derby Race that I missed posting Saturday Stew…and possibly Flashback Friday! My Apologies.  You can read about the Ranger Derby here:


My hubby’s car:


My car:


Then there was so many other things I needed to do, when I got hit BIG TIME with the WHAMMIE sick stick.  I am just beginning to feel a titch like myself, but at the same time….the enemy likes to jump in and remind me of all the responsibilities I’ve missed out on.  But God’s God a GREATER PLAN! HE reminded me of this song and showed me this version. 



What song carries you though the night?

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Here’s another one 🙂

By Mandisa



Cannot Change My Love For You

Middle child has a name; will it ever be known?
Could fashion …actions … words… Ever bring this one Home ?
Tired eyes are looking for rest …through too many a tempting bait…
Hunger pangs roar through the night;
” I can no longer wait !!”
Down goes the life with arrows of betrayal and lies … Seems like this tale’s up…
Yet, where is the Advocate who can renew with a sip from The Cup?
This story’s not over …only time will tell if the innermost child will rise;
To stand victorious with The Savior … To lift the fallen…before the world’s eyes.