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Football Anyone?

Football Anyone?

Cowboys and the Packers-

It’s football, not a fight;

Dear friends are sitting together

To make America right.

Both have different views

About how our nation should be-

Each stand for what they believe in:

To keep America free.

Yet what is freedom really?

To force our views on others?

To truly go against what we want …

And hate our sisters and brothers?

Hate is such a strong word-

But isn’t that what we do?

We look past the beliefs,

And hate people for points of view.

Couldn’t we instead be like Jesus,

And listen to their heart…

And make America great again

With a brand new start?

Begin with a game of football-

Or something that fancies your delight;

Become friends sitting together

To make America right.


Eyes Of The Storm

If I Were God

Earlier on the day to Wandering Poets post of him asking what we would want if we could have anything, I answered “time Machine” because I would go back and fix mistakes, like Hitler’s. But I would start with Adam and Eve. That might fix everything….?
But this got me to thinking…. “How would I do things if I were God?” I hope the answer is not based off of how I can’t play video games for long because I die. Even board games like chess, I have to remember to watch the whole board, making sacrifices to win.
But life is real, with feelings and heartbeats….and love. I’m sure that the mistakes that have been made were somehow connected to love in some way…
I am torn between having everyone be nice robots VS having my feelings….. I’m thankful that God is God and I am not 💕
What would you do if you were God?

Thank You Isn’t Enough

 One day each year we set aside to say thank you for your service, your time;

This freedom we have each day to share our thoughts, I’m blessed that it’s mine.
But shouldn’t something be done for the men and women who risk daily their life-

Protecting loved ones and those they’ve not met yet, while they handle strife?
Each and every day should be your present and treat!

A ginormous thank you for sacrificing your lives complete.
My prayer is that starting today our eyes, our hearts be opened wide

And not take for granted the precious reason that we don’t have to hide!

Dreaming Rainbows

Walk with me through the earth
of each country;
listening to the sounds of their dreams;
I feel hands heavy pulling me
in every direction!
Songs of every Nation cry out!
From lullabies to declarations;
Now is the time to lift up your voice –
silent or not – He will hear you.
Pray for those who cannot pray
For themselves.
Speak for those who have gone
before you.
Stand strong, stand proud;
remembering we are dreaming

Saturday Stew 5

Saturday Stew 5
We praise You for all that You have done, for thinking of us at the very beginning of time, when there was nothing….seeing us through until we are something because of Your great love for us. Lord, I pray that as we go through our days and nights, wherever we are….geographically, emotionally, spiritually, physically….may we be emptied out of our selfish ways and be filled with Your compassion, forgiveness, strength, endurance, healing, trust, boldness, love and whatever else we may need to complete that task You have given us to do.

Recently, I attended my first writer’s group where we began our discussion with where the topics of the movies and books have traveled through the years. I love the black and white movies where they are singing, and I go through a case of Kleenexes (I know it’s pathetic, really). Drama movies always get me as well. I’ve even been known to bring Kleenexes to Superhero movies.

Ok. Ok. Before you click yourself away from my site with all this icky sap….there is a purpose for stating the above. I love to write, mostly poetry because I have yet to find a way of when I start……um, where was I?

While stirring the pot for today’s Saturday stew, I thought about the blogs I’ve been reading and what I want to share. Here are just a few –

The post by Spiritbath tells of a soldier’s disobedience because he understood what love is. ;

AB’s post “Extinction” a poem about a war that never ends. ;

OM’s post about children being in the middle of countries at war. ;

Gimme Shelter Movie trailer

Gimme Shelter poem

and an incredible article by Holistic Wayfarer about a mother’s love and forgiveness.

“The tongue has no bones, but is strong enough to break a heart; so be careful with your words.”

Proverbs 18:21 “Words kill, words give life; they’re either poison or fruit-you choose.”

My words are powerful.

I’m not exactly sure where we are today in film or literature, but I know I can choose to start building bridges with my pen.

Your words are powerful. What would you like to add to this Saturday Stew?

If you would like to comment in private or would like prayer, write me at

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‘Til Death Do Us Part

If insanity
is doing the same thing
over and over,
expecting different results….
How will war
ever cease?
If forgiveness
builds bridges ,
where do we start?

Find That Fountain of Youth!

I wonder if the commander In chief as a child drempt of leading a nation… Did future doctors, teachers, lawyers, daycare providers, garbage collectors, musicians, etc stomp the dreams of the president after their leader smashed theirs? Why do we need to grow up?