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True Valentine 

A while ago I posted this but I forgot to let you know it was my homework and I forgot to ask questions to encourage conversation. I would love to know your input!!

Romans 5:8 But God proves his love for us in that whilewe still were sinners Christ died for us.

There it sat holding one square on the brown tube. What was I to do? My teeth clenched as I pursed my lips together and shook my head. “I’m always putting a new role on! Why can’t he ever do this? It only takes a couple of moments! Now I’m stuck!” 

This is just one of my pet peeves my husband may or may not know about. There is an unwritten list I keep, sometimes I tally the offenses up. But why? What good will it do for me to keep score? I know he loves me more than life; he supports my hobbies, my healthy journey, and he will get up out of bed in the middle of the night to get me a drink or to check a noise that I heard. He knows my faults, yet loves me all the more! He is human, but I believe he’s a fine example of Jesus to me. Moment by moment he lays down his life for other people so that they may have hope, peace, joy.

A few days ago he was in Minneapolis taking a weeklong class so that he can better himself. He does this because he knows this is what God is called him to do. He studies the Bible so that he may help people.

2 Timothy 2:15 

Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.

I’ve been studying the Bible, taking classes, but what for? I want to help people just the same as my husband, to lighten his load. But really is it so I can be like the Israelites and use it against the one God gave me, so I can believe I’m the “better one?” 

God went to the Gentiles, because the Israelites rejected Him. I know I give my husband countless reasons to have a pet peeve list with me, yet He doesn’t remind me of it. My husband has laid down his life for me, because he loves me with an unconditional love. Maybe I too should follow Christ’s example, stop acting like a Pharisee and throw my list away.  

Have you ever felt like a Gentile…. Like people have “lists” for you to follow, yet you never measure up? If so, please explain. 


Do you remember a time when you felt like a Pharisee, feeling like you were better than others? If so, please explain.


No Thank You

“No Thank You”

“No thank you” is not rejection, 

These manners are a simple boundary;

Guarding what is precious to them

So they may live as “free”.

“No thank you” doesn’t mean you’re not wanted –

Though you might see a lock;

This closed door is keeping safe what’s being perfected…

do not try to change The Clock.

“No thank you” will build muscles

Upon your heart; compassion will grow-

When you begin guarding your own boundaries…..

Unique is the Garden we sow.

Where’s The Volume?

This morning, as I was eating my breakfast, I was sharing small tidbits with our black lab/ collie and our golden retriever. One requirement I ask of them before I reward them with a treat is that they have to complete the actions they’ve been taught for “Halleluiah”, “praise the Lord”, or “please.”  Our black lab, before sitting on her back haunches and raising her paws, listened to me bellow out a howling (sounded that way to me) type of “halleluiah”. Her rich brown eyes stared into mine as she tilted her head. Before finishing the third round of the word I stopped because I noticed a dear friend was now in the room.

“Are you impersonating an elephant?” he questioned, as I hid my face and chuckled in embarrassment.  Obviously he was responding to my great love of elephants. 

Here’s the lesson I learned that moment: From miles away an elephant’s trumpet can be heard. Quickly I found myself wondering if my Voice is being heard and realizing there is yet another reason why I love elephants.