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An Injustice

Unknown hero
leaves a signature
written not
through a name.
Words paint
the silhouette…
Magnifying the heart.
Darkness cannot hide
eyes that are revealed
from the blaze
eighteen inches below.
Tears squeezed
from a desire
to stand in the light
threaten to drench
the flame.
You long to be closer …
To teach each
how to stand…
How to fly
When to take
the first steps…
But wisdom crafted
a suit of anonymity
to shield the vulnerable
from their victor’s enemy.
Only the Book
holds the Answer
to this conundrum….


Strength Of The Hero

Heroes are not brave because of their bullet proof shields, unique means of travel, their capes, elastic pants, their hidden identity, or super powers…. nor anything else that would elevate them to the pedestal of history; tears are recorded ; the enemy defeated. Only the strongest Heart can wait in silence as frail lives carry around the Champion’s strength within their beating hearts.