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A Unique Sheath For A Special Blade

The Belt Pouch


 Almost done….a few touches here and there, along with redoing the bottom panel (both sides) and urethaning it and it’s complete 💕 praise God!!!!



The Fire Craft Merit

Under a cloudy sky

as the snow flies north

within the shelter of a canvas tent,

a young boy lays down

his heavy burdens

as he is being taught –

nestling the logs

deep within the kindle;

To his feet he stands

among mighty pillars

holding fast to the lesson.

His father at his side,

a blade in his hand,

the young warrior focuses

and strikes the steel

above the shards of magnesium

with great determination;

So much was stolen!

Such weight lay before him.

The child slides the knife across

again and again,

As he focuses on how –

Together he is learning;

Together he is strong…..

Those gathered with him

seem to begin to pray in silence

as he moves the shank

from edge to edge

watching tiny lights drop;

his pain was being released.

“It’s not working,”

the determined voice whispered.

The Voice of Wisdom encourages obedience.

And in response to the silent question

The bold colors break through,

carrying with such warmth

that bonds generations together

Because a father and a son

stood together

while adventures were planned

as bonds were made….

Leaving the ash in the campfire.




Escape Artist

Four walls so strong.. Made of thread. Stars join the sun’s reflection on the moon ….lighting up the night. Sleep comes so easily …through the snapping of sticks, the song of the wind and the blanket of icy temps. A sweet bouquet of oak, pine and cedar roasting atop embers hypnotizes….fear will not find me here.