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Two Endure



The butterfly for fights for its life to get out of the chrysalis. I chose the butterfly for a friend who is very strong each day choosing not to look back at her past but to press on to the future which has so much waiting for her!!!

Becoming A Butterfly 

A caterpillar, knits its cocoon and stays in one place for a period of time in during the temperatures around it as well as the transformation within. We don’t know what type of pain the Catapillar goes through. We just see the beauty of it emerging from its cocoon.
Just like The Catapillar, when I go through trials, I am kept in one place. It is painful, but I am changing I’m building my strength through this trial. My features are changing as well- inside and out!
I pray that when you feel like you’re not going anywhere when you’re hurting and you just want out,  please be patient as God is painting you-building your strength as you wait in your cocoon💕

Butterfly’s Smile

Butterflies – so light and free,

gliding through the air in a free fall;

the wind carrying them, tossing them, pushing them…

not many struggles once they’ve fought their way out of the cocoon;

pressing up, pushing down, fighting through the wind and rain…

they’re only seen chasing the breeze as monarch’s carried away by it.