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The Blossom

I prayed a flower from the rainbow just to see you smile.
God said, “child you don’t know what you’re asking. This will take a while.
For every color to shape a pedal, a heart must see like Me.
Unconditional love is unique child, as it is color free.”
So I stretched across a blindfold way across my face
and reached out my hand, hoping for some grace.
I know the miles are many, but all our blood is crimson
Where are the flower pedals? Were you able to win some?


Choosing The Ambulance

Unknown hearts
extend their hands…
to offer
this injured help up.
What do these heroes think
when I pull back,
only accepting the familiar?
Curious I am
of those who
do not wait
for an invitation
in the midst of an emergency…
can they feel my pain?
And out of their strength
give me a fraction
of a portion?
Why am I selective
on where I draw
support ?