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The Gate From Here

The Gate From Here
Entering a place walled with shadows;

Flashes of light blind.

Afraid of not knowing where I’m headed-

Your direction eases my mind.

Trust; a gentle whisper from a white coat-

floating is not to be feared…

It can be painful having too many birthdays-

Year…after year… after year.

Just be careful of too many flashes…..

Like getting your picture taken;

A floater’s Rain is also dangerous-

For An appointment you will be making.

Exercise your right to lower 

the roof of your red blood cells;

Heat yourself with movement to shrink 

The potassium blanket as well.

Don’t eat your words, but taste and see

A healthy lifestyle awaits;

Don’t become a pillar of salt..

Be selective what will go on your plate.

If you follow the Narrow Path

And not get lost like Alice on the wide,

You’ll dance Forever at The Feast,

When you get to the other side.

Dancing In The Stars

Destitute of vision; feet frozen in place. Your Hand caresses my soul…. Melting me with Your grace. Fear surrounds my mind: which path shall I take? Hearing You call me Home…The Journey’s long that I must make. My steps must be carefully chosen … for shadows follow me, hiding hearts afraid of Life; I pray they are set free!! May Our dance never end !! Your arm secures me as I look forward to The Honeymoon.