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Oh, Pinions

Oh, Pinions!
I clipped my wings so I could fly;

Soar higher than before. 

My focus has moved to my wing’s length-

I’m stuck here on the floor.
My gaze weighs so heavy 

That it pulls unwanted thoughts in…

Moving me deeper in this cage;

My head’s beginning to swim!
I was meant to fly ; even past 

Intimidating Mountains that block the Sun.

So watch me now as I take the plunge;

Allowing my feathers to be undone-
For it’s not by my strength the wind carries me great distances through the sky;

Jesus remind me that You’re holding me

As You teach me how to fly.


A Hair Raising Experience 

Clock Is Ticking

Clock Is Ticking

Laying in the dark, collecting my thoughts-

Wondering what Tomorrow will hold;

The enemy tells me I’m worthless,

That I’m just growing old.

For a second I wonder ” is he right?  

  Look at this wrinkled flesh!

The world loves smooth skin, 

I’ll never pass that test.”

But then the Holy Spirit picks me up, 

Gently whispering my name,

Reminding me that He loves me;

Asks me not to play the game….

To my King I am so very beautiful

 through each and every season ;

He’s the God of All Truth-

I better start believing Him!