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Tuesday Nights

On A Mission For Missions 

These will be going to a missions auction this weekend and st the end of this month 💞


Avoiding The Garden Of Temptation 

In 100 words or less how do you think the story will go if Adam and Eve were victorious in their first temptation ? I’ll explain more in another post 😀
I’ll go first. This is how mine would look:
With smells and sights unknown to us, Adam and Eve strolled through the bountiful vibrant garden; their hands interlocked with each other’s. Their pulses were strong as their lungs pumped air freely throughout their bodies.
Waiting for them to pass by, the serpent chose the highest place in the Tree of Knowledge, for he despised crawling on his belly! This cold creature watched Adam and Eve enjoy luscious fruits and brightly coloured vegetables. He thought about how the other animals had knocked dirt in his face. So when eve was an earshot away he asked her, “has God indeed said, “you shall not eat of every tree in the garden?”
Smiling as she stood in the cool of the day, she replied, “you know, it’s best you ask God Himself, since he did make the rules.” Eve then walked away.


Next week me and my classmates will begin a study on eschatology, which is the study of end times events. Was wondering if you had any questions on this topic?

Saturday Stew 12



We need You now, just as we did back then. We thank You for what You gave up to rescue us from our sinful, forgetful, confused….who we are state. Thank You. Thank You doesn’t seem enough to say. That’s because there isn’t enough to say. There isn’t even enough to do. But I want to make things right. I want to turn things around as I can. That’s why I am studying to become a pastor. No Jesus. You know I’m not saying that I’m better than anyone else. I’m just going to try and change me. And if anyone else would like help along the way, I pray You help me with everything we need such as strength, peace, reconciliation, forgiveness, purity, and more.  And all those things I was told not to talk about as I was growing up, show us how to teach our children without teaching them to grow up too fast ❤ We love you Jesus ❤


I am reading a book called Maximized Manhood. My husband and another leader in our church asked me to read it for an upcoming class.  It is an incredible book! At first I was a bit embarrassed reading it because it is a book written just for men.  Yet, as I am reading it, I am finding it is a book about the author speaking to a group of men, tired of the way life has been and the pain it has carried, along with all the weight and struggles. He challenges them to make changes from that moment on, to purify their lives in Christ, to rid themselves of the heartache and struggle. Oh, it is so beautiful!!  I’ve only read two chapters, but I’ve been crying because it’s awesome to see such sweetness!! What heroes!!! 


Oh, look at me!! I’m getting tears all in the stew!!


You all are soooo very worth every ounce of hearty stew!!! Don’t ever let the enemy tell you otherwise!! The Bible says in John 10:10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.


I’ve been sick for too long. I want to continue to have life everlasting ❤


Here is the book at Amazon if you are interested in reading it:


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