Dear Lord,


I thank You that You are always with us and never leave us even in our darkest moments.  I pray that as we go through our days that we KNOW Your presence is with us….not to tear down and crush, but to build up and value. Thank You again, amen!

Yesterday I posted this writing:


Choosing The Ambulance

Unknown hearts
extend their hands…
to offer
this injured help up.
What do these heroes think
when I pull back,
only accepting the familiar?
Curious I am
of those who
do not wait
for an invitation
in the midst of an emergency…
can they feel my pain?
And out of their strength
give me a fraction
of a portion?
Why am I selective
on where I draw
support ?



I’ve been dealing with various health issues, the latest…my back.  After the doctor examined me, while I was laying on my back, he said now I could get up.  He was going to stand by the bed as a guard and help me up as needed, but I was tired of being weak. I told him to step away. I wanted to use my muscles to help me work through this trial.  He did back off and I struggled away, remembering how to move from past experiences.  Eventually I made it to a seated position upon the clinic bed….and then we talked about physical therapy, medication, and how I’m not quite ready for surgery.


There was another time during my visit to the clinic we sat for a while talking and talking with someone from insurance, getting me set up for the physical therapy.  When we were ready to go, I was VERY sore and struggled to get up.  My husband rushed to my side and I let him take my arm….but when the gentleman who already helped us with paperwork offered his hands around my arm…I began to pull back….but he didn’t listen.  Together, he and my husband lifted me to a standing position.  I was so grateful…yet sooo embarrassed.


See my pride kept one person at least from helping me that day. I pray I didn’t insult him. Who knows how many more I’ve pushed away, without meaning to be rude? In the same way…the man that ignored how I didn’t want his help…there have been times I’ve tried to help people and they turn me away.  I love helping people stand and walk….I want to get stronger so that I may continue 🙂


Would you please share a moment similar to mine? I would love to hear from you.


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You are valuable, worth so very much!!!



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