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Pig update 



Almost There


To Be A Child Again 

I’m visiting my mom because she got a pacemaker after her pulse was 27 beats. Her heart stopped before the surgery and she was having blackouts with swollen legs. She is much better now 💕 praise  God and medical staff 💕 

I’m working on this for her…. What are your thoughts?


Clock Is Ticking

Clock Is Ticking

Laying in the dark, collecting my thoughts-

Wondering what Tomorrow will hold;

The enemy tells me I’m worthless,

That I’m just growing old.

For a second I wonder ” is he right?  

  Look at this wrinkled flesh!

The world loves smooth skin, 

I’ll never pass that test.”

But then the Holy Spirit picks me up, 

Gently whispering my name,

Reminding me that He loves me;

Asks me not to play the game….

To my King I am so very beautiful

 through each and every season ;

He’s the God of All Truth-

I better start believing Him!