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Unchained Promise 

Unchained Promise 
Stand tall, shoulders back;

But I want to fall in your arms-

Growing up is quite remarkable!

But not without your sweet charms.
As a child, I held you close-

To scare the shadows away;

Stand tall shoulders back-

Never any room to play.
Teddy, I want to hold you close again;

To help me hold my shoulders back-

For the days I must stand tall;

When the shadows try to attack.
But I must keep you there, 

If i will ever grow up;

Never will I forget or leave you…

Knowing you’re mine is always enough.

Subject To Change

Tiny handprints , cradled through faith, now five times the size. Escaping the kingdom to seek your own rule…. It’s important to find your private castle. A knight among rules forged by your hand who defends a mighty heart …..The Majesty’s ring sits in a box while you study each subject – taking and giving in return. Young handprints calloused by life …. I pray my kings sign a peace treaty soon.