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A Zoo Of Thoughts

Right on my fingertips
to the tip of my tongue…
This idea keeps fluttering around!
It tickles my thoughts
until I chase it
with a keyboard,
or Recorder….
a pen and paper
are best.
What thoughts
have you caught


So tiny;
Many shapes
and sizes
even a variety of color.
Many carried by the wind;
Others planted
by a plan.
Each require
sunlight ,
and wind
in order to grow.
Some will become
shade, building materials, paper….
Others provide
Nourishment, medicine…
Many will be
Worn, wrote upon….
Yet ALL will provide
Beauty and clean air.

Operation Heartbeat

Each heartbeat pumps the same ;
Pushing blood around …
Whooshing through every tunnel
Every heartbeat has a sound.

It doesn’t play favorites to any race
The music is an unchanging song-
Revealing desire to stay alive
Forever wanting to belong .

The pattern is unique on the outside
Minds are passports covered with different stamps…
I pray our body is healed from this infection called “war”;
Listen to our Heartbeat and dance!

‘Til Death Do Us Part

If insanity
is doing the same thing
over and over,
expecting different results….
How will war
ever cease?
If forgiveness
builds bridges ,
where do we start?

Invitation To This Dance

If I’m all but ” cells ”
because the trials of life
plugged the only way
I can capture sound
that would melt my heart…
If I’m all but a ” mass of flesh ”
because the adversity
of the day
blinded the only windows
to this house ……
If I’m all, but ” me “,
because my mind
has vanished in time…..
Will you still dance
to the beat of my heart,
clothing yourself
with our fine memories
as we both await
The Train to The Banquet?


Entrapped by masterpieces;
Unable to move
due to the chemical response
freezing me in place
with my mechanical pencil in hand.
Release me from this trance
that I may etch worlds
to escape to –
where The Oasis revives visitors
to face the relentless war.