The Monster in Your Closet

After my toddler’s bath last night, I wrapped him up in a hooded towel, lifted him onto my hip, and smothered him with kisses en route to the bed where I’d dress him.

I laid him down on the bed, relishing the brightness of his eyes and his peals of laughter as I launched my face toward his belly for a zerbert.

“You’re my sunshine!” I cooed afterward, thinking of this draft post moments later and realizing I’m ready to share it.

that would seem to present
a perfect opportunity to go out
and do something for the next
three hours or so, but really … all i
want to do is disappear, and i
don’t know how.

anthony says how i feel now is
how i felt last time. wrong. last
time i felt. this time, i am feigning
feeling in the hopes i believe it soon
enough. mostly, the only things i

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