HarsH ReaLiTy

Truth 1 – Eating out is not a right. Eating out is a privilege that is directly related to if you have money to eat out or not. If you eat out in America at a restaurant you should tip. If you don’t tip and you have a server waiting on you slap yourself. You are a huge wanker.

Truth 2 – You can dress your dog up and give it the cutest name in the world. You can even carry that dog in your purse and call it a furbaby. It is still a dog.

Truth 3 – I will never understand an individual that supports abortion, but becomes heartbroken over the death of animals.

Truth 4 – I have found out the name of the ultimate identity thief in this world. It is the tooth fairy.

Truth 5 – Anyone that hogs a term for their own use…

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