Mini Me

Eyes glued to maturity who carries a Flame 

“: the shadow grows longer with each breath;

Longing to be a Keeper of the Fire; 

anxiety builds with the test.
Strike the match! Don’t give up; there are 

countless more attempts in the box.

Soon, child you’ll be holding Fire 

to warm to the freezing around the clock.
Yet keep in mind, It’s not a toy,

or lives will surly be hurt!

Watch out for pride, you’ll lose control;

Everything you know will be burned.
Hallelujah! You’ve struck the match!! 

You’ll light the way for those in the dark; 

All because you didn’t give up – fanning 

the flame that God gives from His Spark!
Though your eyes are fastened to Wisdom,

Other hearts are stuck on you –

Thankful to have a hero such as yourself…. 

Thank you for all that you do!!