What A Pill!
Lightning strikes from so many directions;

Wind gusts knock me down;

flooding starts welling within uncontrollably;

Wish it would wash away my frown.
My emotions are constantly changing-

I’m no longer a child, but I want my way….

Save me from this kind of “adolescence ”

Before I’m washed away!
Every storm frightens me to the core;

Even when I see clouds start to change…

I know hearts will be tossed about;

Nothing’s ever the same.
So I found something to save me;

Yet the pills are rather large-

As I hide within their bottle….

Yes, I get to be in charge!
Storms may rage on about me-

I’ll no longer get wet

From my tears of frustration 

I am safe…..and yet,
Is this truly the answer?

When will the Sun shine radiantly;

When we can look past each ugly mistake –

To every beautiful heartbeat?