1. Anchor point – cheek bone
2. 3 fingers under bow with pinky out.

3. Notch – under

4. Feet apart – facing 90 degree angle from target

5. Pray – no sin

6. Line up string, bow target

7. Same consistency every time

8. Left arm stretch farther for power

9. Quick -5 arrows in 2 minutes

10. Arm guards
Last Wednesday we had Archery practice for the competition on Saturday. It had been a while and I had forgotten everything. I couldn’t even hit the large plastic square filled with hay. Worry filled my mind that my health was getting worse because I wasn’t practicing healthy living. Thoughts of never shooting again raced through my mind as others sliced the colors open almost every time.
The bow string smacked me hard leaving a welt on my left arm. My focus was on not getting hurt as I tried to aim. 
That night I went home very deflated. The year before I did quite well!! I stewed in my misery.
Saturday morning I decided to try, taking kids knee pads for my arm. I gulped 2 cups of coffee and listened to my coach, writing every note down. With each instruction I improved. Confidence welled up within me, yet I took time before each shot to pray for God’s help. 206 was my score…. Until…We looked up the rules. 5 arrows are to be shot in 2 minutes! Fear fought with determination …. As I prayed as I loaded each bow. 144, final score!! Hallelujah !!!!! Obedience is better than sacrifice 😉