Baby Elephant Walk Doodlewash

I used to love going to the circus as a kid and my favorite performers were the elephants. I decided to doodlewash a baby elephant because while I was thinking about elephants and circuses the Henry Mancini song popped into my head. Since there’s no way to show scale in a single object drawing, I’m not sure if the baby is coming across. I decided to go fast and loose with this one and I opted for a very limited palette of Burnt Sienna, Neutral Tint, and Dioxazine Purple.

Philippe says we can’t go to the circus anymore, not because we’re far too old, but because he doesn’t think they treat the animals well. I admitted that the tigers looked pretty pissed, but the elephants always seemed to be having a wonderful time and truly proud of their performance. I was assured that this was not the case, but I still…

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