Blind’s-man Bluff 
These Glasses are heavy and they’ve gotten dirty. 

How do I get them clean?

My eyesight is failing me – basically blind – 

The Glasses make me Free.

Without them, I stumble and fall

These Specs show me the Truth

They might be a bit painful to wear,

But they guide me in what to do.

For when they are clean, I can see clearly-

That’s when I choose them to wear.

My dirty fingerprint get in the way…

Look close and you’ll see a smear….

From being fickle from taking them on and off;

Once they almost broke!

My relationship with my Glasses were zilch

And I failed to carry His Yoke. 

But now I know I need Them, these Glasses He’ll clean real well;

Then I will continue to carry The King’s yoke today –

Forever His Story I’ll tell!