Making Love
Tired eyes reveal a weary heart beneath a sign of cardboard;

Many feet go passing by as this untold book is ignored.

Where is Love and Compassion ?

Why does everyone walk by?

Don’t they want to get to know him?

Won’t they even try?

Little hearts beating fast, watch closely to Each heart beat –

Wanting to help lift each up and get them on their feet.

Look! Someone’s stopped to help;

They’re sitting down and talking,

They’re taking the time to say hello,

Instead of just to keep walking!

A bucket becomes a drum;

A hat to catch coins and bills;

But not for the life that just sat –

The drummer gives just as he wills. 

Unbelief and happiness spread across this face because time was made

Another story being written and shared

Because the Love He gave.
Here the video I seen the other day. 😉