Droning Out The Noise
Crayons of weather add color to our lives;

Filling up many blank pages;

Hide from each season? Impossible to try, no matter what your current age is!

For as you storm through life, painting it red with emotions of Rage or Love …

Both will you will see humongous results 

One’s cheered from below, one above.

Now when you go spreading the color blue…

The ends of this crayon are Peace and dread

One you’ll be blessed with Glorious sleep,

The other – awake all night on the edge of your bed!

Yellow collects dandelions and daffodils 

Or maybe running scared for life!

These Primary colors are the beginning of breath –

Keeps everything from staying just black and white.

For black and white is for a world of Robots

Where good and bad are unknown ;

Each piece of electronic does what it’s told

Nothing else, just a simple drone.

But God has created us for so much more!!

To withstand Storms – Let us lift up our voice !!!

To tell the story of who God’s made us!

Let’s make a whole lot of noise!