To Be Completely Free
To be free, completely free, is it possible ?

To Live without weight,

Where my heart is free from everything 

Where Love determines my fate?

Show me this place, show me the way!

I want to soar above the sky –

Where problems don’t exist, poverty’s gone, along with all the “Whys?”

How can I find such Peace- is there an Answer to my question ?

Not knowing The Truth gives me such awful indigestion!

Humongous hands wrap around my heart – gently lifting me near;

Pressing me into the bosom of Christ, 

“Child, do not fear.

It was frightening as I drank from The Cup, knowing what was ahead;

To give you the Key to Eternal Peace, it was essential that I bled.

Though the road was terrifying, My Love for you can’t be shattered;

I died upon the cross to show that you truly mattered.

So when you’re feeling frightened, raging mad, lost or confused

Look into My eyes through prayer and My Word – a Key others have used.

With this Treasure Map and The Phone right to My Heart…

Answer’s waiting for you with unimaginable Treasure from the start.