Raindrops fall, watering the groundAs tornadoes whip everything about.

Where is Strength; Where is Hope; 

All is silent inside-out.
Eyes were watching, hearts were aching, 

Bones were hurting-time was in a crunch.

The enemy hit Him hard this time,

a kryptonite power filled punch.
We don’t know where it was first heard, 

but it seemed like an eternity 

A Pulse was heard, the faint sound of breathing- HE didn’t leave!!!
Broken lives were mended, overturned homes were made right

He looked evil in the eye and and made horrendous fight
He stood firm with Truth and held fast with prayer

Everyone was watching; they knew that he was there.
Then in one final blow, the enemy was flat on the ground…

his body not moving; not making the smallest sound.
Our Hero turned and looked us each in the eyes…

Saying with great seriousness (it was ever so wise) –
“Precious ones, value your lives. Care for one another. Take time to look across the way.

You are worth so very much, so get to know each other through out the day.”
He took His foot and propped it up upon his opponent and continued on saying,

“Don’t let things like pride, greed, deceit ruin your God given beauty.
I love you with all My life, there is nothing I will ever swap…

I will fight every villan for you, because your’re My Bride, and I’m your Superhero on the cake on Top!