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Rebirth- week 4, day 2

I don’t know why, but in some ways it’s easier to exercise…. Perhaps I’m adjusting to the routine…. Yet other ways, I ache all over and sweating. 
Oh, I ate yesterday…. But I drank lots of water too! I know not enough, but I drank more than I usually do. And I lost 4 pounds from my last weigh in. Portions are important & not eating late. Still I have to work on more water.
I have to keep my focus too: which do I want more, something momentary that really doesn’t satisfy, or a lasting reward?


So adorable :)

Rebirth -week 4, day 1

Though I’m gasping for air and sore all over, I feel really good 😜🐾🎼🎶
Yet, I had to hit this munchie monster head on and attack where it hurts: food. This beast knows my weakness – all or nothing. Once I start, I’m trapped in a constant feeding cycle until … It ends!! I’ve put on 20 pounds and my size 12s are tight 😩. 
I’m NOT going back to a size 24… Or 14!!!! So for at least a day, I’m not going to eat. When I feel as if I am in charge, then I’ll introduce small portions in again. 
Oh and fast food and I need to talk!!! Cheeseburgers are no longer my exception food!! And where did fries slip in? I won’t even mention the soda 👀 
It may seem like I’m cheating myself…. But if I don’t put healthy boundaries up, like I once had, I’ll lose out on far more than food which is temporary. 💕
What are the ways you fight the munchie monster? What are ways you are getting/staying healthy?

Everything at Once: Notes to My Son

Jonathan Hiskes

Originally published in River Teeth, Spring 2015. (Subscribe here; River Teeth is great, and it’s named after an excellent David James Duncan essay.)

Puget Sound from San Juan Island


We returned from the hospital, our family, and immediately I shrugged the bags off my shoulder and set to work unpacking dirty clothes. I’ve always had this compulsion to unpack right away, always in a hurry to restore order. Then I turned to watch your mother. Unshowered, still exhausted from labor, she lifted you from the car seat into her arms. “This is our couch,” she whispered, walking softly. “This is our kitchen.”

You won’t comprehend any of this for months, you shriveled, squinting creature. You haven’t even learned to hold your eyes open. Yet Hannah paced the house, letting the familiar squeaks in the floor comfort herself, if not you. I stopped to watch–the laundry could wait. She showed you the nursery…

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Easier Said Than Done

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Painting my rainbow

Mankind’s Search for the Superman

Mankind’s Search for the Superman.


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