Though I’m gasping for air and sore all over, I feel really good 😜🐾🎼🎶
Yet, I had to hit this munchie monster head on and attack where it hurts: food. This beast knows my weakness – all or nothing. Once I start, I’m trapped in a constant feeding cycle until … It ends!! I’ve put on 20 pounds and my size 12s are tight 😩. 
I’m NOT going back to a size 24… Or 14!!!! So for at least a day, I’m not going to eat. When I feel as if I am in charge, then I’ll introduce small portions in again. 
Oh and fast food and I need to talk!!! Cheeseburgers are no longer my exception food!! And where did fries slip in? I won’t even mention the soda 👀 
It may seem like I’m cheating myself…. But if I don’t put healthy boundaries up, like I once had, I’ll lose out on far more than food which is temporary. 💕
What are the ways you fight the munchie monster? What are ways you are getting/staying healthy?