Where am I going?

Cells slowly disappearing !
Perception begins to fail
as my vision fades.
Pride has made me 
injecting me with anger,
beating me with
the self esteem
that I should never 
have tossed to the floor 
to wipe my feet on .
After all ,
how could I fall, 
if I’m already down ?
My heartbeat increases uncontrollably
through what is left 
of this body.
Breathing becomes difficult 
as rage 
crushes my lungs.
Soon a fog 
of jealousy 
clouds my mind ..
I hear 
Footsteps ….
shrieks  …..
The sound of Steel 
sliding  against Steel…
Silence is divided,
then interrupted.
Soon after 
an unknown 
hits the ground.
Terror fills my mind 
as I wait…
But I feel a Warmth
as my lungs inflate
through a slowing pulse.
Still confused 
I focus on The Light
which penetrates 
my blurred vision
….slowly sharpening.
Longing to see my Savior, 
I struggle to stand,
so thankful for mobility.
Am I alone?
Where are the bold
to reveal 
The Courageous Heart?
Are my Answers
in this Book
from where 
The Light floods?