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Perspectives on Watermarks (and Various Methods to Protect Your Images)

The Daily Post

Photographers sharing their perspectives on watermarks:

Jeff Sinon, Jeff Sinon Photography
Mary McAvoy, The Ripest Pics
Karla Aguilar, Traveller Soul
Richard Smith Jr., Reckless Pixel
Marcus Kazmierczak,
Jen Hooks, Light Candy
Pam Kocke, Pyjammy’s {Identical} Triplets
Donncha Ó Caoimh, In Photos
Stephen McLeod Blythe, All My Friends Are JPEGs

Many photographers display watermarks — commonly known in the form of a visible marker such as text, a logo, or a signature — on photographs for various reasons, while others strongly prefer not to add them. Here, we’ve asked a handful of WordPress photographers their takes. You’ll read a mix of opinions from bloggers who take pictures for different reasons, their various experiences and methods, and links to other sources of information.

Like other roundups on The Daily Post that compile the best practices of bloggers, our goal is not to tell you what’s “right” or “wrong,” but to present a range of perspectives so you…

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The only..

Rebirth – day 4

I woke up late and was wondering how  I’m going to fit exercise in. Later, lately, means not at all. 
But the Holy Spirit made a way 😊.   
While at work, and so the child learns about health, I did my exercises 😜
Praise God!!!   I’ll wood burn tonight ☺️

More Practice Update


More Practice

Setting the mood for cars….

Rebirth – day 3

Done. Enough said. Wood burning awaits 😉

Remember Me When

21 hours and 50 seconds on the first EBay box!!! I need a brown paper sack ….!!! ☺️


DP Promp ~ Full moon