When a person repeats a question or a statement several times an hour;

When they beg you to listen to them because their day has just gone sour;
Remember to thank God for them because they are thankful for all of you –
Being a vessel  available for the Holy Spirit to pour Himself through…
Child, you did not create the universe with all the wonder it possesses.
Then tell me this then – who are you to pick and choose to which you share your addresses?
Have you not ever been stuck in the mud as the sun is scorching hot, 
While everyone just seems to stroll on by, leaving you to feel like a microscopic dot?
Or maybe feeling like a single ant with   A whole lot more to carry 
The ant hole no where in site and other bugs are looking very scary.
Wouldn’t you want someone to step alongside you and help you share the load, 
Making sure you you could carry it all and made it safely home?
Everyone wants to be heard, and their message is all the same:
“I love you so very much!! Please remember My Name.”