***stands and applauds with the world***

what a privilege it is to follow these stories as you write these treasures ❤

A Holistic Journey

So I’m taking a breather, slowing my pace, taking stock. Behind the unassuming titles in the series has been a lot of work. I have combed through the submissions and tapped some contributors for as many as six drafts for the clearest chronology and descriptions. I would not be surprised if my “Would you please clarify what you mean…” has pursued the poor writers into their dreams at night. I found the rate of growth of my readership decelerated, for the time away from the rest of the blogging. But the overwhelming feedback on the Race has been my reward. I am deeply grateful for responses like K’lee’s from Obzervashunal:

“[You] touched upon something so universally potent, you have created something so unbelievably amazing here, a groundbreaking series. I know you feel it, but I hope you REALLY feel it. If this were a book I had the privilege…

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