It has been a pleasure and a treasure following each of these lives ❤ I thank you for doing this and praise God for working in and through you to be a voice on this much needed topic ❤

A Holistic Journey

I am launching an interactive series on race and identity, a mosaic of cultural autobiographies. It bears some semblance to Project O, if you’re familiar with it, but was inspired by the exchange over my posts on slavery and on black Santa. Race Around The World will not be a forum for opinion so much as a glimpse of our stories so that we can achieve a panorama of our racial topography around the globe. Slavery lingers in the human heart in the form of racism and bigotry. With the difference between living in a community and living in community, I’d like to examine how community is possible as people engage one another across racial lines. I am most fascinated with the tension we internalize that makes us conscious of our color and ethnicity. These are two things that give us a sense of belonging, and it will be interesting…

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