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Most of us fall into a combination of being both a Pretender and full of confidence. .

When we are young we pretend to be many things, our imaginations run wild while we discover our talents and interests.  We learn what we are good at and find confidence within.


Confidence is a wonderful thing, it can bring opportunities and positive people into our  lives leading you into a path of success.

Too much confidence attracts just the opposite, which leads you into becoming the great Pretender.

Why do people pretend to be someone they are not?  The list is long but some examples are –  low self-esteem, failure, trying to impress, getting through a difficult situation, embarrassment, covering up inner feelings, etc.

All these examples lead to the same thing…

Attempting to live up to another’s expectation


Why do we feel…even at a very young age, that we must be…

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