Thank you so very much for dealing with the insensitivity of it all ❤


You are amazing 🙂

I will be praying for you ❤

Corner of Confessions

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For anyone that has worked a franchised , multiple floor retail store in a big shopping mall, you all know about this dreaded experience . Inventory. It is that time of the year.


Being in charge of my area, I have spent the past several weeks going through every single item in search of the two tags the clothing bare. If one or the other ( or both) is missing, I have to hunt for a twin to make a new tag(s) and then enter it in the system. Then assimilate both pieces into the stock on the floor. Which might not sound too bad, but say I have 20 pair of jeans that needs a new tag(s). That then doubles because to make the tag I need the same, color, fit, and size to make the tag( a twin). So, it’s really 40 pair of jeans. 40…

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