Down the cold, dark and emty years

Walking alone fighting off acient fears.

Yearning, craving long  denied warmth

Dried up and hollow inside

Passion painfully  smothered now died.

Pointless to beg you have long locked that door

I accepting, cope finding I look for fire no more.

Just give me a little respect and care

I will honour your wishes . I believe  that is fair.

Darkness closes in the freeze between us

Like  winter in a garden all is laid bare turning to dust.

I take  my blanket of words  and wrap myslef up tight

In their warming balm. My head full of stars I drift into the night.

Down the years there have been so many  battles to fight

Hiding behind a smile constantly smothering the need  for flight.

A master at  lieing  and presenting a public face

Knowing  the truth , my failure , my secret…

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