Jesus, I know it’s getting late and there is so much to be done tomorrow, but You…You know that. You will be with us, guiding us, showing us each step. Everything will be ok. Take a deep breath. Release. Take another one. Exhale. Thank You Jesus that You died upon the Cross and made a way…with You, I can do this. Thank You ❤


Galatians 5: 1 It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.


Today I woke up and heard the wind howling.  I wondered if my friend would want to go walking today.  Quickly I texted a supportive text stating I would go, yet it was understandable considering the circumstances.  Soon one of us called the other and we decided to meet through the blizzard conditions. There was too much to get done. 


Our hair whipped about as our fingers began to turn blue after we parked our car.  Once the wind almost slammed the car door into another car! Fortunately we were parked far enough away 😉


Just as my friend was getting ready to drop me off after our errands, she received a call and asked me if I wanted to help with a situation….I was looking forward to putting my feet up…but I decided to help. So back out I went and had a most wonderful evening with tremendous people!


Now, I could have chose to stay home, from the very beginning of the day. That would have been fine. Yet, I was missing so much by passing opportunities like the ones I participated in today. Thank you!


What freedom have you recently experienced?


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